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Tour guide all over Poland

Except from Warsaw where I presently live, I am very familiar with local conditions in Gdansk, Wroclaw, Szczecin and Krakow. Furthermore I have visited loads of out-of-the-way places in Poland – together with tourists og alone for my own pleasure. I know Poland very well, prepare for the trips and I will be happy to be your guide, no matter where you go in Poland.

I do guiding in major towns. Coming from Warsaw this is a full day trip for me, and you will obviously have to pay the transport. The price per hour for a city tour in different cities depends on the transport time, but a charge a fixed price of 1.400 zloty including transport. This gives:

Krakow – 5 hours

Gdansk – 5 hours

Wroclaw – 4 hours

I also take trips as a tour guide on round trips all other places in Poland. Write to m@hardenfelt.dk to book a guided tour or to get a price.

Also read a more detailed Guided tours in Warsaw for a variety of trips in and outside Warsaw.

E-mail: m@hardenfelt.pl Telefon: (+48) 600 43 53 83

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