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Mini guide to Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia

Miniguide til turister i Gdansk. Meningen er, at den skal give dig lidt inspiration til, hvad man kan foretage sig i de tre byer – Gdansk, Sopot og Gdynia. Og så minder jeg selvfølgelig om, at jeg kan hyres til at guide i Gdansk, hvor jeg har boet i mange år og bevæger mig hjemvandt overalt. Minimum 5 timer.

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A small welcome to the three cities and an overview of the contents.

Gdansk – history

The story of the town reaches more than a thousand years back in time and shows a mixed existence between Poles, Germans and crusaders.

Practical information

Water, money, bus tickets and other things You may need while visiting the town.

Worth visiting

If You stay in Gdansk for a few days, You might like to go for an excursion. Here are some ideas.

Gdansk – Old Town

Gdansk is one of the Polish towns, I like the most. It has it’s own very distinctive mentality and a fantastic atmosphere as a northern harbour Town.

Gdansk – along the suburban railway

It’s easy to get around in Tricity. Just get the suburban railway, which runs like a ruler in the entire length of the city.


The holiday paradise – this is where You will meet all the young, the beautiful and the rich, and You can feel like one of them at prices that are far below the level in posh sea side resorts in Western Europe.


Gdynia is quite a new town – erected as a modernist wonder after WWI, Where Poland did not have its own harbour town (Gdansk was an independent free town in close cooperation with Germany).

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