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Conversations with people in Poland

This series was initiated after the elections in October 2023, and the aim was in the first instance to capture the mood after the election result, where the PiS-government after 8 years in power lost the majority in parliament.

However I extended the concept, so besides from 3 conversations about the election result, I will have 2 conversations in January 2024, where I go closer on individuals in Poland.

The interviews are in Danish or English, and I provide Danish subtitles for all of them. I do not rule out, that there may also be conversations in Polish in the future, but as mentioned, there will be subtitles.

Here I only provide links to the English interviews. Go to the Danish version at hardenft.dk to se all the conversations.

In English with Danish subtitles – click af the text icon in the lower right corner, if the text is not shown automatically.

In the first clips, I concentrate on the re-establishment of the rule of law after 8 years with the PiS government. Here we talk about judges, the National Counsel og the Judiciary, the Constitutional tribunal and the Polish president. Urbanik believes in the future, but realizes, that the comming years will be difficult.

In the second clip we talk about the conditions for researchers during the past 8 years, where the state has tried to steer the direction of the research, but they have also been able to punish researchers with viewpoints not matching the government line.

The third clip is about the rights of homosexuals in Poland. Urbanik is running a case at the Human Rights Tribunal in Strasbourg, and we talk about the possibilities of introducing marriage for homosexuals in Poland and what the Constitution says about this subject.

E-mail: m@hardenfelt.pl Telefon: (+48) 600 43 53 83

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