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Round tour in Warsaw – Warsaw city guide

Tour No. 1 – 2 hours An express trip, when you are short of time. Price: 350 zloty

When you don’t have too much time, but would like a quick briefing about the town, and maybe you have a few questions you like to ask, before you start your exploration of the Polish capital. I pick you up by your hotel or we meet at the Castle Square in the Old Town. This includes a round tour to the most important places and you may obviously ask as many questions, as you like. Please mention it when booking the tour, if you are interested in a special subject, then I will prepare the material for you. Price: 350 zloty – Arrange the tour by e-mail: m@hardenfelt.dk Vi starter ved dit hotel eller mødes på slotspladsen i Den Gamle By. Her får du en rundvisning til de vigtigste steder, og du har mulighed for at stille spørgsmål. Hvis du har specielle emner du er interesseret i, kan du nævne det, når du aftaler turen, så forbereder jeg materiale til jer! Pris: 600 D.Kr. – Aftal turen pr. e-mail: m@hardenfelt.dk.

I have a thorough knowledge of Warsaw, and I am happy when I am able to talk about the architecture and history. I might differ from most other tourist guides in that I am critical in my narration; that is to say – I don’t just point at the beautiful things, but give an insight into the city from the nice side as well as showing everyday life. 

Probably, I am also not what you may expect from a typical guide, as I emphasize social conditions, thus tensions, contemporary history and everyday life is an almost mandatory part of a guided tour with me. 

I plan the trip carefully, so it is important that I know in advance if some of you have impaired mobility. I would also like to know the age of the participants, and please tell me, if you come from the same job or company. And remember – it is always possible to tell me, what you are particularly interested in.

Round tour in Warsaw Trip number 2 – Price: 475 zloty 3 hours

A traditional walk in the Old Town. We will meet by your hotel or at a central meeting point in Warsaw.

The program depends on where we start, but also takes into account how many we are, the age and interests of the participants and how efficiently the group moves.

Please notice, that a group newer moves faster than the slowest participant. I make frequent brakes and wait for the rear, but it is important to know, if someone has problems with walking or steps – then I will elaborate an easy route.

Except from the Old Town with the Rynek (old City hall Square), we will for sure look at the historical defences, the Royal castle, the view towards the Vistula river, the residential Palace and the ceremonial Pilsudski Square with the tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

The rest of the program depends on the weather and the interests of the group, but often we will take the metro to the Praga district on the other side of the river, with a pearl of architecture that was not destroyed during  the second world war. In the mean time, I will tell you about how the public transport system functions in Warsaw.

The price of tickets for public transport is 4.4 zloty per person for a ticket valid for 75 minutes, or 15 zloty per person if you prefer to buy a 24-hour ticket for all metro, trams and buses in Warsaw. You can acquire a 3-day ticket for 36 zloty.

Trip number 3 Warsaw – Old Town + a metro tour 4 hours/ 575 zloty

Like the 3-hour program, but we take a coffee or beer break in the middle of the tour and get to see a bit more of Warsaw. We may walk or take the metro down to the river bank and look at the magnificent garden, which is located on top of the university library. Here we have a fabulous panorama of Warsaw, the riverbank and the Copernicus Centre, which houses a fantastic exhibition on technology and development.

We can also take the metro to the Palace of Culture, and take a walk around the enormous building from the communist era, which almost stands as a landmark of Warsaw. Arrange the tour by e-mail: m@hardenfelt.dk

Trip number 4 Warsaw and Poland – Lecture at your hotel on “Poland Today” – afterwards Old Town + a metro trip. 5 hours/ 700 zloty

Like trip No. 2 – but we start with a 90 minutes lecture on Poland Today + questions and answers.

You will have to reserve a conference room at the hotel including an overhead projector.

I can also prepare other specific lectures on Poland adjusted to what the participants want to hear about; in that case the price is 1,200 zloty for the whole trip. Arrange the tour by e-mail: m@hardenfelt.dk

Trip number 5 – Warsaw and Poland 8 hours/ 1,100 zloty

Plus additional payment for a coach for 4 hours. Prices can differ, but approximately: Up to 20 persons: 700 zloty, Up to 28 persons: 900 zloty, Up to 51 persons: 1200 zloty.

Lecture at the hotel, 2 hours walk in the city centre and 4 hours by bus, i.e. – a round tour in Warsaw. We arrange a stop for coffee and another brake for lunch.

As a standard, I recommend a trip to Wilanów, where we see King John Sobieski’s summer palace from 1696, then a trip to the Presidential Palace and a stroll through the magnificent park Lazienki from the 18th century, which, as the king’s personal park, is filled with a large number of architectural master pieces.

If there is enough time, we will finish the trip with a walk along the river and a visit to the old Russian fortress, where we will have the opportunity to see the original gallows used for the hanging of Polish rebels during the Russian rule 1795-1918.

Individual tours

Individuelle ture

These are just some of my suggestions, but obviously we can agree on other trips and routes adjusted to what the visitors would like to see. I shall be happy to prepare an individual program for you, and will of course take care of booking lunch during the trip. I also do thematic trips, where we concentrate on specific areas. This will typically be a 3-hours trip at 475 zloty plus extra expenses for transport and tickets to specific sites. The tours could include:

The Polish Peoples Republic – architecture and conditions of life during communism in the years 1947-1989.

Jewish Warsaw – Warsaw in the inter-war period, the Jewish ghetto during the Nazi occupation and the history of the Jews in Poland.

A visit to the most important churches in Warsaw.

A walk on the “national” cemetery – Powiazki in Warsaw, which is famous for its unusual monuments.

All day trips away from Warsaw

Situated right in the middle of Poland, Warsaw is a perfect starting point for trips to other places in Poland.

Trip number 6 – Take the train to Lodz

6 hours 900 zloty plus train tickets

Lodz is an old manufacturing town, erected in the 19th century, mainly based on the textile industry. The town has been in decline after the collapse of communism in 1989, but is now slowly regaining it’s charisma as a great city filled with art and music.

The architecture of Lodz is unique, with its many town houses from the 19th century, erected by individual wealthy people, with individual architectural preferences.

In addition to the 4 km. long shopping street, Piotrowska, we walk around the city and find the most exciting architectural master pieces, which are absolutely unique for Lodz. We will also have time for lunch at one of the many exciting restaurants, that have been opened in recent years.

Trip number 7
Trip to Kazimierz Dolny and Lublin by coach or only Lublin by train

10 hours – 1,300 zloty plus coach.

We make a stop in the picturesque 12th-century town of Kazimierz Dolny on the Vistula River, which in the Middle Ages had its heyday as a grain shipping port. The town has retained its traditional architecture, and is today a traditional residence for artists and bohemians who want to relax in romantic surroundings.

Then the tour continues to Lublin, which is one of Poland’s historic medieval cities that was not destroyed during World War II.  Until the second world war the city was dominated by a large Jewish population, and the architecture is characterized by buildings dating back to the 16th century.  A walk through the streets of the old town gives an impression of the Middle Ages that cannot be found anywhere else in Poland. We also take a look at the old castle, where the tower can be seen from far away, lose ourselves in the history of the city and Poland, and if people are in the mood for it, we take a walk under the city in the underground passage.

Trip number 8
Krakow by train

10 hours – 1,300 zloty plus train tickets – around 200-300 zloty for a return ticket in a top modern luxury train.

Pick up by the hotel Afterwards we spend 2 hours 20 minutes on transport each way. The main railway station in Krakow is next to the Old Town.

We visit Krakow’s famous Old Town, take a walk to Wawel, which is the old stronghold for the Polish kings. We also visit the Jewish quarter, which lately has developed into an international cultural centre.

It is also possible to organize the trip by coach and include a visit to the salt mine in Wieliczka or the concentration camp Auschwitz. Both Wieliczka  and Auschwitz demand a good physical condition, and one should be aware, that a visit to Auschwitz can be rather traumatizing. A trip to Krakow by coach  with a visit in Auschwitz or Wieliczka takes around 12 hours. I calculate a price on request.

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