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Tourist guide in Warsaw, Gdansk, Kraków and the rest of Poland
Michael Hardenfelt
Translator into Danish and tourist guide
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My name is Michael Hardenfelt and with a few brakes, I have lived in Poland for the past 30 years. I speak the language, have in-depth knowledge about the country and I am well informed about Polish economy, politics, history and social conditions. Please send me a mail, if You need translation, assistance or a guide during your visit to Poland.

You will find some of my material on Poland translated on this page. At the moment I work on translation my comprehensive Warsaw guide from Danish to English.  I am self-employed and mainly work with translations from Polish and English into Danish.  Besides from that I work as a tourist guide – mainly in Warsaw, but as I mentioned, I know Poland quite well, and I also guide in other Polish cities. I have worked as a teacher for many years, both as a teacher for Danish as a second language for Poles, but also teaching native Danish to expat children at the American School of Warsaw.  I rarely teach any more, but it happens I do a Danish course for medical staff doing an intensive Danish course with emphasize on medical language.

Below I present links to this limited version of my Internet page. This is a temporary page. I have just completed the Danish and Polish version, and expect to have a full version of the English page in the first half of 2024.

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E-mail: m@hardenfelt.pl Telefon: (+48) 600 43 53 83

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